Handpainted Silks

made by Carolyn Stewart

Welcome to Handpainted Silks where you can browse my collections of beautiful hand painted silk scarves, in exclusive designs, made using luxurious silks and quality dyes. Silk has distinctive tactile qualities that cannot be emulated by man made fabrics. It is also beautifully cool in summer whilst its insulating qualities make it surprisingly warm in winter. The original breathable, lightweight fabric.

Each of my scarves is a unique piece, partly due to the techniques employed and the singular way in which silk absorbs and reacts with the dyes, but also because I would never even try to make two pieces the same. Hand painting is not to be confused with hand printing where a limited edition of almost identical artefacts can be produced. You can be assured that if you have one of my scarves you have an exclusive piece. On my ‘Techniques and Processes’ page page, you will find information about how I have developed the designs of different scarves and the techniques employed. As a textile artist and teacher of many years’ experience, I produce each item in my studio ensuring each is finished to a very high standard.

At the top of the site you will find gallery pages with examples of the different designs and techniques I use and in the News section some updates on current work or events I am involved in.

Some of the scarves shown have been commissions and I am always happy to discuss work with anyone who is interested. I do not sell online but can work from a distance to create something unique and exclusive to and for you.

If you would like to purchase a scarf or to discuss a commission, please reach me via my Contact page.