New Work

Having been laid up for months after an operation, I am now back and working, so here’s an update.


You will see that I have broken up my gallery into categories, to try and show the way my work is diversifying. The diversification may be read as a sign of an open and adventurous attitude or a scattergun brain and at this stage, who knows?

I have added a new page to give a little more information about the techniques I use and how I develop each piece.



Commissioned Squares Scarf on the table in my studio.

Commissioned Squares Scarf on the table in my studio.

Walford Mill Crafts update

Sadly, Walford Mill has suffered severe funding cuts and has had a rethink.

They no longer have a shop, but they are continuing their other activities:workshops, exhibitions etc. Just wont be able to see my scarves…. But dont let that stop you - go along there!

Walford Mill, Wimborne

Walford Mill in Wimborne are now stocking some examples of my scarves in their shop. If you havent been there, it is wellw worth a visit. Apart from a lovely shop with a wide range of art and crafts, there are resident craftspersons working in the Mill, producing some really gorgeous stuff! They also have exhibitions and workshops for a whole range of crafts and abilities. Not to mention a very nice cafe that does proper Americanos. (Just ask)

Here is a link and check out the address on the map- it is a bit tucked away but deserves to be the centre of your visit.


Eype Maker's Market Sunday 18th November 2018

Had an amazingly busy day at this incredible craft market.

Held each November at Highland’s End Holiday Park at Eype, near Bridport, this market is a real event for the entire community by the looks of it.

From 10am when we opened until lunchtime there was no time to draw breath. Everyone was there from the landed gentry to the Bridport characters; families with pushchairs and groups of teenagers; collectors and bargain hunters. Lots of really encouraging and admiring comments and a healthy sprinkling of sales to keep me in silks and dyes for a little while. A really great start.


I am emerging from the production phase....

For the past six months I have been enjoying having time and space to produce my work and,  thanks to the encouragement of those who have seen my scarves, I have begun to  think about selling.

I  have applied for a space at the excellent Eype Makers Market which takes place on 18th November 2018 at Highlands End Holiday Park and realising I needed a good professional, platform on which to display my work -for their scrutiny and yours-, I have set up this website.

My scarves sell for between £40 and £100 depending on size, design and the weight of the silk. Handkerchiefs  are priced from £15.  

As yet, I am resisting selling online: I still feel you need to see and touch fabrics before you buy them. But if you are interested in purchasing, commissioning or retailing my work, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact page.

I am based in West Dorset but am open to travelling.

Carolyn Stewart